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What is Evil Sudoku?

Evil Sudoku is the most difficult puzzle in the sudoku kingdom. It is extremely challenging even for the most experienced sudoku players. Evil Sudoku puzzles have really tricky patterns, most number of empty cells with very few clues, and lots of complicated connections between numbers. If you are not someone who is regularlly playing live sudoku online at least at the hard level or solving the diabolical sudoku puzzles in newspapers like New York Times (nyt) and Los Angeles Times then we suggest you to play the easy or medium level sudoku, because these evil puzzles really test your brain power and need advanced strategies with keen focus to solve.

▦ Methods to Solve Evil Sudoku

To tackle Evil Sudoku puzzles effectively, mastering advanced solving techniques is essential. But then also you have to be a sudoku 247 player as it requires both brain logic and memory power to solve these extreme difficult puzzles, so the more you practice the easier it becomes. Here are some key strategies:

  • XY-wing: This advanced technique involves identifying a chain of three cells where each cell contains only two candidates. By analyzing the relationships between these cells, solvers can deduce the placement of specific numbers, unlocking new possibilities within the grid.
  • Swordfish and Jellyfish: These techniques rely on identifying patterns across multiple rows and columns, similar to the XY-wing method. Swordfish involves identifying three rows or columns where a candidate appears in only three cells, while Jellyfish extends this concept to four rows or columns. By understanding these patterns and their implications, solvers can make precise deductions to progress through the puzzle.
  • X-Wing and XY-chain: These techniques utilize logical deductions based on the relationships between candidate positions within the grid. X-Wing focuses on identifying patterns where a candidate appears in exactly two cells in two different rows or columns, leading to eliminations. XY-chain involves tracing a chain of cells containing the same candidates, allowing for indirect eliminations based on their interconnections.

By learning and using these advanced methods smartly, you'll be able to confidently solve even the trickiest Evil Sudoku puzzles with accuracy. There are some other techniques also but remember learning these methods won't be enough until you keep practicing them live on daily sudoku.

▦ The Ultimate Test of Your Sudoku Skill

Why should experienced players tackle the extreme challenge of Evil Sudoku? Here's why:

  • Personal Growth: Beating the hardest Sudoku makes you feel proud and strong. It helps you learn to keep going and never give up.
  • Satisfaction - Sense of Achievement: Solving the toughest Sudoku puzzle gives you a big sense of happiness and pride. It shows how hard work and dedication pays off.
  • Thrill of the challenge: For Sudoku enthusiasts seeking the ultimate test of skill and strategy, there's no greater thrill than facing off against an Evil Sudoku

After solving these puzzles, you can proudly say you're a Sudoku master! Keep challenging yourself and never give up. You're capable of amazing things.